Jolee Aire thoroughly cares for your dog through each step of the grooming process. In all, your pet will be brushed a total of five times and handled by at least two of our expert groomers.  This not only insures a high quality job, but it adds to the dog's comfort with multiple handlers. Each step in the process is timed, and the price for grooming a pet is determined by the amount of time involved. The price for many pets is the same each time due to the regularity of appointments and the care it receives at home. Each pet is patiently handled so it learns to love to be groomed. The owner is informed of any problems whatsoever that are observed.

Besides our full grooming service, customers often request cleanups for their pet. Our cleanup includes all grooming options with the exception of shortening the body hair. This is a popular choice for coated dogs like Collies and Golden Retrievers. A bath only or a nail trim in between grooming visits is another frequent choice of our customers. The price for a nail trim only (including sales tax) is $7.35. Bath prices vary with the time spent on the pet, because it needs to be thoroughly brushed out before and after bathing.