The philosophy behind Jolee Aire Kennels boarding facility is rather simple. The service is provided so that our grooming clients have a place where they trust their pet will be safe, healthy, happy & clean when they need to leave town. What better place than the place where they are groomed? Pets, especially dogs, love routine. They remember they were dropped off, handled by these people that really know what to do, then picked up and brought back home. By handling a pet, we learn exactly how it feels and thinks. The pet develops a bond with us because they sense we care and understand how they feel.

Taking pets that we see on a regular basis greatly diminishes the risks to both the pet and us. Proof that your pet is current on the following shots is required: DHPPV, rabies & bordetella.

Each pet that stays at Jolee Aire Kennel is assigned a place indoors as well as outdoors. Your pet uses the same run for their entire stay here. Also, their place indoors is always disinfected before, during and after their stay. If you wish, you may bring your pet's favorite blanket, toys, treats, etc. To make its stay here as familiar as possible.

The basic charge for boarding is $21.00/day which includes taking very good care of your pet, giving any medications if necessary, brushing it when it leaves (provided it isn't overdue for grooming and all knotted up), feeding and watering at the same times as you do at home, and keeping it as happy and healthy as possible while it's here. If you wish to pick your pet up groomed, we make every effort to do so for the usual cost. Also, if you wish, we can give your pet walks in our beautifully landscaped, fenced-in yard. The cost is $5/walk.