Whether this is your first trip to Jolee Airee, or you have been a faithful customer for many years, we would like to welcome you to our shop. We are concerned about the well being of every pet that visits. We hope that they maintain a long, healthy life, and that they are comfortable during their stay here. We do all that we can to make this happen.

Jolee Aire Kennels was founded in 1966 by Joanne Vohs because of her lifelong love of dogs, especially the Airedale Terrier. The desire to breed top quality Airedales and the inherited ambition to own a business fueled the growth of Jolee Aire for many years.

As Joanne's skills and knowledge for grooming the Airedale grew, she decided to offer her talents to the general public. Dog grooming and boarding of all breeds were added to Jolee Aire's services.

Airedale Terriers bred and owned by Joanne won top awards at shows throughout the U.S. and Canada. Joanne's belief in providing a quality service at a fair price built a client base that she would keep for many years. She has puppies available along with selling her unique canine art sculptures.

Due to health problems, Joanne could no longer sustain the rigors of the ever-growing business. In 1986, she offered the operation and her expertise to her brother, Steve Mereness. Combining his 15 years experience in teaching instrumental music with Joanne's knowledge in grooming, Steve was able to continue Jolee Aires's services.

Today, the Jolee Aire staff still strives to provide its customers with the quality and personal service they deserve.